and so, 2.

“I miss them.”

Josh didn’t know what to do with the simple admission. While growing up he had wondered about the boy more than he cared to admit, more than he had ever admitted, but relating to this – this situation wasn’t what he was here to do. Wasn’t what he’d signed up for.

Reach out to the boy. Meet the boy. Smile guiltily at his mother. Go back to LA. Maybe a text here and there. That was the plan.

Instead he found his 26 year old son, far older in mind than he was in body, with a wife and small daughter and the the beginnings of a career in something to do with the ocean. Diving and research, he didn’t know. A young man with more past problems than he could wrap his head around. Foster homes and addiction and five years sobriety.

And yet he came to adore the kid. They had the same eyes and smile and frame. Heavily guarded, apprehension was written all over their first meeting. But in wanting Reagan to know some biological part of himself, Christopher allowed the second one, and the third, and Josh threw caution to the wind. They stopped and started, but a growing love and respect between the two kept them going.

Kelly kept her opinions to herself, except for the first time they were alone. She warned Josh against hurting her husband, not her daughter, and the fire in her eyes was fierce.

But they were alone now. The two women that kept Christopher together were gone in an instant, and again Josh wished to be home.

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