Our Secret Selves

I love this quote from The Walls Around Us by Niva Ren Suma. Oftentimes we spend a lot of the day presenting ourselves as a certain kind of person. At work, I’m relatively quiet, speaking only when spoken too. A coworker recently looked at me in surprise when I cracked a joke during a Teams meeting. In reality, my questionable taste in music is generally blasting in my ear buds, and I tend to see the humor in even the most mundane of things. And I talk to myself, a lot. Usually in my head, but sometimes things slip out.

I think my bookshelf represents the multiple facets of a person well. Is it full of fantasy? Classics? David Sedaris? Is it organized in the full Monica Geller or is it in the always trendy rainbow?

Mine is a mix of different genres and I like to think a quick perusal shows my personality if you know how to look for it. Urban fantasy mixed with childhood classics, adult lit and YA meet cute shmoop, sexy vampires and paranormal vibes, travel books raging from the Amalfi coast to the North Pole to the Eastern State Penitentiary. And they’re all organized by genre and then series, and if there’s no series, alpha order.

What do you think of this quote and what do you think your bookshelf says about you? Let me know!

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