*image from @purpleplanesundays on instagram

There was a time when I could say I devoured books with such intensity that I’m not sure I can even remember what I’d read. Looking at my Goodreads shelves, 2010 and 2011, at 129 and 130 books each, was peak that time. So much so that recently I’ve purchased books without realizing I’ve already read them, just had forgotten the stories completely. It was a crazy adrenaline rush to say I’d read that many books in a year’s time, but at what cost? As the years went on I slowed down, clocking somewhere between 70-80ish books read each year, and then a drastic decline hit in 2015, and my yearly “challenge” this year was to read about 20 books. Which is actually better than a few years past but something I knew I could handle, enjoy, and complete. Also I started in like, July, oops.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to read at ridiculous rate either, but I enjoy taking it at a slower pace these days, although man do I wish I had jumped on the book blogger train back in the day. I think I’d like to have the memories of each book written here for posterity, instead of my quick and inside-joke esque mentions on my Goodreads account. It does kind of suck in a way, as I’d like to have a schedule of sorts with this blog, and if life gets in the way there’s just no post.

All that said, I’m glad there’s still a niche of people who enjoy books, that reading is popular and there’s a new generation of people to enjoy what’s out there and put forth new content.

How do you read? Are you ravenous, do you savor, are you a physical, audible, or kindle person?