i really want someone who’s as quiet and simple and distant as i am, i want someone who loves little things intensely and feels foreign in places where the veil is just a little too dense. i want someone to pull along with me out to the country roads and gardens and parks who wont jump around and yell, but who’ll link their arm in mine and whisper about how much they like the hat of the woman we passed, and about how much they’d like to lay out in the sun, and about how little they’d like to talk, and about how we should instead just sit breathing with our bodies pressed together, in complete and comfortable silence for as long as we please before getting up and roaming again, slowly and sweetly like the syrup drenching our early dinners and the honey poured into late night baths. and when it’s all over i want to spend my time gently longing for our next small adventure

I came across the above in my tumblr drafts. I’ve no idea who it came from or who it’s for, but I love its quiet beauty so much.